Beating Live Poker: What is a Fish?

If you have played Poker Online orĀ  at a live venue than you have probably heard someone call another player a fish. What exactly does this mean? A fish is a name given to a player who is a lesser skilled poker player. There are a few other names given that mean the same thing such as donkey or whale. While this may not be biologically true a whale is just a huge fish, that is a whale is a terrible player and donates a lot of money to the table. Usually, a whale has deep pockets and will play crazy just to have a little fun and gamble. Here are a few characteristics of a fish/whale/donkey at your table.

  1. Anyone Drunk

Anyone who says they can play poker drunk is probably lying. If you see someone at your table who is starting to become drunk this player oftentimes is a great place for you to make money. They will play very unorthodox so just set back wait for a hand and make them pay.

  1. Anyone who Discusses “Math” at the Table

While this may not be true for all people who talk at the table in my experience anyone who tries to explain the mathematics of poker while at the table is a fish. They often times are just trying to impress the other people at the table. Take advantage of this player as well.

  1. Someone Who Just Won on the Casino Floor

If someone sits down at the table claiming they have just won big playing blackjack or slots they also might be a fish. Having already won money that day they often times to not care as much as they would otherwise. Make sure this is the case and gladly stack their chips. And just remember as a general rule, slots are for suckers anyway.

  1. Anyone who plays Passive

Anyone who sits at the table and does a lot of limping and calling is a fish. This plainly is a losing style of play. You cannot expect to beat the game of poker without ever making any moves. If you notice someone doing a lot of limping/calling just bet the flop oftentimes they’ll fold and you will make money all night.

I hope these few tips in identifying fish at the table have been useful. Good luck at the tables!