Burning Your Video Games from Your Computer to Disk Using Roxio Software

Downloading games is now one of America’s top Internet activities. Once you get your game downloaded, it’s sometimes hard to find out how you get it on a disk to play it. Roxio is a software program that is used to burn data, games, pictures, and videos. This software can be downloaded free from many torrent websites and is also recommended by 먹튀플러스.

You will need a blank CD and the Roxio program, a downloaded game, and a CD or DVD burner on your computer.

To begin with, you will want to start your Roxio program. To do this, go to the start button and click on all programs, then find and double-click on Roxio. This will begin the start-up of your program.

On the left side of your screen, you need to click on copy, and then under that menu, you will need to click on the burn image. This opens a small window that you are working on now.

Now look on the right side of the screen and find the “choose the location for the image”. Under this menu, there’s a box for you to use to find the file you want to burn off onto disk. Now you need to click on the browse button to open up your search window.

Find and double click on the name of your game file. It is generally saved under the name of the game, but you know where you saved it. Now that you found it and have double-clicked on it to open, the window will close and go back to the Roxio screen.

Now you will see an area that says the type of or name of the CD or DVD burner on your computer system. Look to make sure that this is the right drive, especially if you have two separate burners on your system. Now is the time to put your blank disk into the drive. Once this is in and recognized, hit the red button on the lower right corner of your screen. This will start the burn process and should be done within a few minutes. Depending on the processor speed of your system and the drive speed of your burner, it can take anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours.

Remember if you have a dirty disk drive or disk in your drive, the disk may not be recognized. If you insert a new disk and have the same error, it is a dirty disk drive. This can be cleaned and corrected by using a CD lens cleaner in the drive with the alcohol solution provided. If this is a dirty disk error, simply remove the disk and clean it by wiping gently with a cotton rag. If you still encounter errors, insert a different disk and try again.

The version of Roxio used for the instructions in this article is based on the Roxio Creator Basic, Version 9.