Free Stuff to Do in Las Vegas

Going to Las Vegas and seeing what an interesting place it has become over the years is really worth it. You don’t need thousands of dollars to go and actually see the greatest attractions. Awhile back, Las Vegas had a few 5 star hotels and casinos that were pretty amazing. Now, It is one of the top vacation destinations with an impressive list of shows, celebrities and attractions.

You can spend a fortune on hotels, transportation, food, entertainment and gambling. The sky is the limit. You would not believe what people spend on things. I watched an old man play $100 slot machines standing there with a stack of bills, losing a thousand dollars in 60 seconds. It was jaw dropping. Gambling is actually more fun to watch for me because it’s not my money on the table. I’ve been to Las Vegas twice for ten days and once for three months looking at job prospects.

I’ve found several free things to do in Las Vegas and I’ll share them with you so you can have fun, take pictures and bring home some memories of your own. You’ll go home feeling like you got to do a lot compared to the person who spent all their time gambling along with losing all their money. First, if your flying in, I recommend sitting by the window and arriving after sunset. The view is so amazing seeing the whole city with its colorful lights and huge hotels, especially the strip. There’s a pirate show at the Treasure Island hotel with stunts, fire and loud sound effects. Another freebie is going to the Las Vegas sportspark which is a modern facility where sports is played and watched along with other things. You have to watch the famous life-like volcano erupt infront of the Mirage hotel and casino. Inside, you can take pictures of white tigers. Planet Hollywood is free to explore and see many movie and television show items and costumes.

Caeasar’s Palace has a mall inside along with moving and talking statues. There is an impressive gigantic cylinder shaped fish tank and show on the ceiling in the mall and they are identical to some Sbobet games which is quite interesting in playing and even has the offerings of merchandise to win for free; bu the scheme is for only player at a time. The Bellagio Hotel dancing water show plays several times a day using synchronized lights, water and music. If you can travel a bit such as an hour or so out of your way, it is free to see Lake Mead from a distance and the must see Hoover Dam. I was so overwhelmed by this huge display that took years to build. Of course, its free to walk around the Hard Rock Cafe shops and view many Rock and Roll Hall of Fame music instruments. Downtown Las Vegas has the largest ever light show on the ceiling as you walk down the covered streets and walkways past endless shops and hotels. These are all free and should be experienced now or later. They will add some memories for you and your family and most importantly not cut into what money you are not willing to spend.