Guide To The Labouchere Roulette System – Know about the guide

There are many different systems that people can use when playing Roulette, one of the most popular is the Labouchere Roulette System. This is also known as the cross out system and is a popular strategy which many gamblers are using because it’s so easy to use.

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Players are constantly searching for a system which can be used to minimize the edge the house has and maximize the amount of money that you can earn from the game. That’s why many people are starting to use this system.

While the Labouchere roulette system can’t guarantee that you will win every single time, it does offer you the chance to win regularly. This is an attractive option for many people who are playing Roulette.

Using the Labouchere Roulette System

Using the Labouchere system is actually very straight forward and simple. You just need to get yourself a piece of paper and write down a sequence of numbers. You can for example start with 1,3,4,2 if you like.

You can use any sequence containing as many digits as you would like. However, if you choose a shorter sequence then you should be able to improve the chances of getting a profit in a shorter period of time.

The first bet when using the system will be the sub of the two outer numbers in the sequence. For example with the example above you will bet 3 units (1+2), this bet can be placed on an even money bet.

If you are lucky and win the bet then cross 1 and 2 off the sequence. Then add up the next two outside numbers, in this case 3 and 4 which comes to 7. If you win then you should start a new sequence.

If you lose the first bet then you should add the number 3 to the end of the sequence, this would make the next bet 4 if put at the end, or 5 if put at the beginning. This makes it one of the simplest and easiest systems to understand when you are playing Roulette.

This means that the Labouchere system is extremely easy to use. It’s just a matter of crossing numbers off the list when you win the bet, and adding numbers if you fail. This should make it simple to use the system to earn money.


There are also other variants of the Labouchere system that you can use. This is known as Reverse Labouchere. This is where you cross out numbers that you lose with, and add numbers after you bet. This creates a very long lasting game, but also means that you can win more as a result.

Anyone who has used the Labouchere roulette strategy to play roulette will find that it can offer some really good rewards. However, it can also mean that you get stuck into some very long losing streaks. Some people do experience success when using this system or one of the other related systems.