Historic Bingo Clubs In The Uk

Bingo Clubs have been closing in the UK for many years for a number of reasons. The rise in the number of online bingo like Bisaqq is an obvious one, but numerous UK smoking bans and taxation concerns have also contributed. The growth of online bingo sites as of late has grown to 243, expanding at a rate of two new sites per week. A bingo hall with good character has a culture and atmosphere that once gone can never be evoked. Many have felt chagrin and apprehension about an intriguing UK tradition going by the way-side. Not only is the bingo culture eroding, but the edifice, decor, fittings, and interior are being thrown away with it.

There are several historic bingo clubs in England. Its history can be traced back to 1918. At this time bingo was known as housey-housey, lotto, or tombola. Another noteworthy period was the dawn of commercial bingo in 1961. Although the govt had no aspirations to legalize commercial gaming, before 1968 the commercial bingo business was penetrated by organized crime. Bingo clubs were regularly labeled bingo casinos. At this time a chap named Eric Morley saw his opportunity. He modified the face of bingo from a betting sport to one of social activity. Many cinemas in the 60s and 70s were converted into bingo halls. One or two significant bingo clubs that have faded away in the United Kingdom are :

Riva Bingo, Aberdeen was situated in the Queens Link Leisure Park, staffing almost thirty folks.

Grand Bingo Banbury opened a bit after the first cinema’s closing in 1968. It is now operated as a Hard Rock Caf.

Apollo Bingo Blackpool closed in 2009. Its passing is licensed to a considerable number of circumstances principally the smoking ban, industrial recession, and the absence of support from the govt ( indicating bingo taxation rules ).

Lucky Seven Bingo opened for bingo players in the 1970s. It was integrated with a cinema until 2009 and closed in 2010. It is now being converted into a pub.

Square Bingo Dorchester was inaugurated in 1933 with a seating faculty of 968. The bingo club worked OK for twenty-five years till its closing around 2003.

Premier Bingo Enfield opened as a bingo hall in 1961. Nevertheless, the grounds have since been destroyed.

Empire Bingo Great Yarmouth has a seating capacity for nine hundred folks. It opened as the Empire Picture Theatre in 1911. In the 1960s the theatre closed and turned into a bingo hall which was the direction many theatres took in this age. The location went forwards and backward between theatre and bingo before ultimately closing its doors in 2006.