Key Factors to Consider When Betting on NFL Games

In recent years, betting on NFL games has become widespread due to the availability of on-line sports books and the overall increase in the popularity of the league. Because of free agency, the days of dynasties dominating the league year after year are a distant memory. During the off-season, teams can lose or gain certain players/coaches which can have a positive or negative effect on how teams perform in certain areas such as offense, defense and specials teams. Because of this, it is very important to focus on the following team factors before you place a wager on a particular team. The scores of these games might as well be recorded in 먹튀검증 for their sparking importance. 

  • The Quarterback

The quarterback position is easily the most important position on a football team. In order for a team to have success, the quarterback must be competent and he can not be mistake prone. You don’t always have to bet on teams that have an elite quarterback like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, but the quarterback should be an accurate passer and be able to make good decisions on the field. You never want to bet on a quarterback that makes you hold your breath every time he drops back to pass.

  • Coaching

This aspect of a team is often overlooked, but it is critical to the success of a team. Coaches develop the offensive/defensive schemes and they also call the plays most of the time. If coaches are calling the wrong plays at the wrong time, then they are not putting the team if a very good position to win. The players should also respect and have faith in the coaching staff. It’s very hard for a team to play at a high level when the majority of the team doesn’t have faith in the coaching staff. With certain coaches, you just know that the team will be well prepared and ready to play.. A good example would be Bill Belichek who is the coach of the New England Patriots.

  • Team Defense

How are you going to win if you can’t keep the other team from scoring? Being able to stop the rushing attack of the opposing team is very important because it makes the opposing team one dimensional. If they can not run the ball, then they must pass in order to move the ball down the field. The defensive coordinator’s job becomes a lot easier when he knows that a team will be passing most of time. At that point, the coordinator can concentrate on defensive schemes that stop the pass. You should also look for teams that have a strong pass rush because this disrupts the passing game of the opposing team. Quarterbacks usually make bad decisions or throw inaccurate passes when they are under a lot of pressure.

  • Strong Rushing Attack

Teams that can run the ball and stop the run usually have a lot of success in the NFL. Being able to run the ball consistently on the opposing team sets up the opportunity for big passing plays later on in the game. A good example of this is a play action pass play where you fake the run before you pass.. Ideally, you catch the other team in a run defense, and the secondary may have openings for a big passing play. Running the ball effectively is also a great way to control the time of possession and keep the opposing team’s defense off the field.

  • Special Teams

The game of football is all about field position, and special teams have a lot to do with the type of field position a team has during the game. Good punt and kick off returners will often put their team in better scoring positions. This can be crucial in games where the offense may be struggling since it gives the offense a “shorter” field to work with. In addition to this, you want to look for teams that have strong punt and kick-off coverage teams because you don’t want to make it easy for the other team by giving them a “short” field. Lastly, you want to make sure that the field goal kicker is reliable. In some games, scoring touchdowns may not be easy so the game may be decided by field goals.

As you know, professional sports are very unpredictable and there are several other factors that determine the outcome of a game. The previously mentioned factors will not guarantee a victory, but hopefully they will help you make a more informed decision the next time you decide to place a wager.