Microgaming Slot Guide and Review

Thunderstruck II is the sequel to Microgaming’s popular Thunderstruck online slot game. Thunderstruck II avoids the pitfalls of most gaming sequels—it doesn’t change the gameplay much, it doesn’t add too many bells and whistles, and it fits nicely with its original both in game design and style. However, there are many players that still prefer old school casino games and 먹튀검증 is a perfect platform for such players.

Thunderstruck II is a five-reel slot machine game that uses a unique payline system. Called “243 Ways,” Thunderstruck II’s jackpot system doesn’t rely on pay lines at all. Instead, if you have three or more of the same symbol on adjacent reels, you have a winner. Since there are five reels, there are 243 winning combinations.

243 Ways requires a little extra explanation, as most slot gamers aren’t familiar with this method. Basically, instead of pay lines, each coin you put in the machine is worth 30 credits. Wager one coin at the $0.01 level and you’ve got your minimum wager of 30 cents per spin. Wager 10 coins at the penny level and you’re wagering $3 per spin. Since the maximum coin value is nickel, the overall maximum wager is 10 coins (that’s 300 credits at a nickel apiece) or $15 per spin. This feature gives Thunderstruck II a huge variety of possible bet sizes from 30 cents to fifteen bucks per spin.

But it does provide a weird jackpot system. The top jackpot on Thunderstruck II is an entire screen full of wild symbols during the Wild Storm bonus feature. That pays out 2,430,000 credits, which equates to a top prize of $121,500 (if you’re wagering nickels.) This jackpot is extremely rare, and once again Thunderstruck has too large of a gap between its top jackpot and the next biggest prize. In Thunderstruck II, the second-biggest jackpot is worth only 10,000 credits—you win this by lining up 5 Thunderstruck symbols at the maximum bet of 10 coins (300 credits).

The most cost-effective way to win in the long-term on Thunderstruck II may be to wager the maximum number of coins at the penny level. At $3 per spin, your max jackpot is only $2,400, but, thanks to the 243 Ways system, it’s easy enough to get 4 and 5 of a kind in this game.

Thunderstruck II Slot Features

Software: Microgaming Reels: 5 Paylines: n/a Bet Limits: $0.01 – $0.05 Max Bet: 300 coins, the max bet is $15 Wild Symbol: Thunderstruck II logo Scatter Symbol: Thor’s hammer Bonus Rounds: 5 bonus features Top Jackpot: 2,430,000 coins, the max prize is $121,500  Thunderstruck II Betting Options

A minimum bet of $0.30 offers a maximum win of $2,400. The maximum bet of $15 offers a maximum prize of $121,500.

Remember that when you play Thunderstruck II that coin you play actually costs you thirty of your wagering units. Thunderstruck II costs as much as a max bet on a 30 pay line machine but with really small bet sizes. That’s why a nickel bet on Thunderstruck II costs between $1.50 and $15.

Thunderstruck II Progressive Jackpot

When news of Thunderstruck II first broke, fans of the original Thunderstruck wondered if the sequel would add a progressive jackpot, which was just about the only thing missing from fan-favorite Thunderstruck. Unfortunately, it did not, and there are no plans to add a progressive jackpot to the Thunderstruck line.

Thunderstruck II Wild Symbols

The logo for Thunderstruck II is the wild symbol here, much like the Thunderstruck logo was the wild symbol in this game’s precursor.

Thunderstruck II Scatter Symbols

The scatter symbol in Thunderstruck II is Thor’s mighty hammer. Here’s a little trivia for you—Thor’s hammer’s name is Mjolnir. Say that three times fast.

Thunderstruck II Bonus Games

There are two bonus games in Thunderstruck II: The Great Hall of Free Spins and the Wild Storm feature. The first is a modified version of typical free spins slot games. To get to The Great Hall, you have to line up at least three scattered Thor’s hammer symbols. The twist here is that the type of free spins is different based on the number of times you’ve triggered the game.

The popularity of Thunderstruck meant that a sequel was practically guaranteed. Rumors on slot machine gaming forums and in the slot world suggested massive changes to the game, such as the addition of a Progressive jackpot or the sudden appearance of a half dozen bonus games. The “243 Ways” pay line setup is a huge change, but the big cosmetic changes that fans feared never materialized. This is an updated, upgraded, and more entertaining slot than the original Thunderstruck. Who knew the story of Thor was broad enough to develop not one but two slot games around?