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One of the favorite hands for online gambling players to play in Texas Hold’em is suited connectors. The potential payoffs can be big for online gambling poker players, and in No Limit Texas Hold’em that is what it is all about, big pots and big wins.

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The first thing to remember about suited connectors in online gambling poker is that they work much better in No Limit than they do in Limit. No Limit Hold’em is much more about betting than Limit Hold’em. Suited connectors are, therefore, much more dangerous to your opponents than they are in Limit. If you can make a cheap call in No Limit with suited connectors you could trap your opponent for his entire stack if the flop goes your way. Let’s look at an example. If you have 4-5 suited and limp in cheaply, you could be in a very nice situation. Let’s say the flop comes Ace, 4, 4. You now have a set of fours and if someone is holding an Ace, which is very possible, you may be able to take them for their entire stack. They are not going to put you on a set of fours very often. They might have come in cheaply with AK or AQ trying to hit a flop just like this. They think they have the best hand and you might be able to take all of their chips. Here is another example. Let’s say you have 8-9 suited and call a small raise to get into the pot. The flop comes 10, J, 4. You now have an open ended straight draw and if two of those cards also are of your suit, you have a four flush as well. This is a great flop for you to semi-bluff with or just flat call. You could easily trap someone that had a pair of 10’s or a pair of Jacks. They now have the set and might just check looking to trap you on the turn and the river. Look at the potential big-time payoffs with your suited connectors if the flop goes this way.

Another advantage for online gambling players to playing suited connectors is that the opponent is left guessing what you have in future hands. They will not be able to always put you on the premium hands. This gives you a big advantage because your opponents know you will play anything. The big thing to remember when playing suited connectors in No Limit Hold’em is that you are really looking to make a big hand. That also means that you might have to fold if the flop misses your hand. Let’s say you have that same 8-9 suited and the flop this time comes 9-2-3. You do have top pair but your kicker is weak. You need to be aware that while you did hit the flop it is not the nuts. You don’t want to be risking a lot with this hand when it might not be the best hand. You want to get suited connectors that hit the flop with the potential to be a huge hand.

You want to remember that playing suited connectors in online gambling poker is a very big tool when playing No Limit Texas Hold’em. If you play suited connectors you have the advantage that many other people don’t understand, and that is a good thing.