Poker Pursuit Rules and Strategy

Poker Pursuit is a 5-card online poker game and quite popular among Prediksi Taiwan players. It’s not like your typical poker game where you play against other players or even a dealer, your only objective is to make the correct decisions and ultimately have a winning 5 card hand. This alternative to Let it Ride is an easy-to-learn game for beginners or anyone who loves playing poker and table games. How to Play Poker Pursuit

To begin to play you must determine your bet which will be your ante. You will then be given three cards face up. If the three cards you receive show promise you can either call or raise your initial bet. You will then be given an additional card repeating the same betting round just mentioned. Finally, you will receive your fifth and final card completing your five-card hand. Calling your bets means that you will see another card without having to risk any more credits while raising means you have to place an additional bet. Think about your next move – a little!

The object of this simple poker game is to have a pair of tens or better in order to win. Based on your completed hand you will be paid out accordingly. Poker Pursuit is not just a game of chance. Of course, you have no choice in the cards that will come out but you do have a choice in your actions once seeing this card, thus making the game a little more strategic than other online games. Strategy in this game falls completely on your odds. Your odds of completing your hand should be what you case your choices on. Obviously, you are not going to raise with a hand like 7-10-A, but with “made” hands like J-J-2 it is a given. 

That being said, all your hands are not going to be easy calls, and making the correct decision based on how many cards are left in the deck and how many of those cards will improve your hand, will help you to minimize any losses you may have. An example of this would be a three-card flush (three cards of the same suit) and the dealer turns over another card with the same suit. You are now faced with the choice to call or raise – what do you do? First look at what your odds are to complete your hand. You have 13 cards in a deck that is of one suit, out of these 13 you have seen 4 leaving you with 9 possible cards to come. From these cards, we can use a ratio of 48/9 or 8/1.