Roulette Tournaments In Online Casinos

Recently, among many QQ Online players, special roulette tournaments became really popular. There are many different formats of these tournaments, but their main essence is the same everywhere – to earn more for the rest! Very often the prizes of such online competitions reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, which makes them extremely interesting in terms of additional earnings. What are the roulette tournaments and how to make money with them, we will try to understand this article …

First, tell how the winners are determined. Very often, in such tournaments, the winner is the one who, for a predetermined period of time, will earn the highest amount of money. This method is the most popular among many online casinos, but it is very unfair for those players who do not have large amounts of money in their accounts and are not able to make big bets. Casinos often use this to increase their money turnover, thus increasing their revenue. Not less popular and how winners are determined by the total number of spin or bets won. In this case, even those players who do not make big bets have all the chances to be among the tournament-level winners at the level with high and VIP players who prefer to bet higher. In such tournaments, the winner is not the one who has more money, but the one who, during the competition, was the luckiest and most intentional. However, in this case, players with large ATMs also have a slight advantage because they can make more bets, unlike players with limited financial resources.

Perhaps the most objective tournament is where winners are determined by the number of successive rounds won. In this case, even having a few dollars on your account, it’s very possible to win 5-7 straight-backs with minimum stakes and be among the winners. It often happens that by placing a bet for a total of up to $ 10 but earning the highest number of turns in a row, players become cash prize-winners, the size of which can reach several thousand dollars. But many casinos, in order to avoid such cases, often set the minimum bet values ​​considered in the draw. However, this limitation is not so significant that absolutely all players can afford to fight for the main prizes of the tournaments.

As a rule, all casino players can play in the tournament, and participation in such competitions is absolutely free. In this case, the casino is committed to creating a prize pool free of charge from players. But there are paid tournaments for participation where you have to pay for a ticket. Prices for such tickets, depending on the different categories of players, may vary from a few tens to several hundred dollars. In such cases, parallel draws are executed separately for VIP clients and separately for all other players. As you can see, roulette tournaments in online casinos are a great way to try your luck in your favorite game, earning a considerable amount of money. Play and win! Good luck!