Short Stacked Sit & Go Strategy – How to prepare the strategy

Generally, tight aggressive play works best in small stakes sit & go tournaments. This is especially the case against weak opponents who play wide ranges of cards. Most of the time these players overvalue top pair and chase every draw on the board. Premium card players can dominate these tournaments long term. However, what do you do when you shove a high pair and get a bad beat? You may be left with a small amount of chips depending on your chip and blind Position. Shortstack strategies vary, but solid shortstack play can add plug a huge leak in your game. Tight aggressive blind stealing and shoving can create memorable comebacks and add to your Bankroll.

We have all experienced bad beats or exercised poor judgment in poker at times. Either of these situations call for rock solid play shortly thereafter. Losing all in pre-flop with a premium holding to a bad beat or failing to hit your draw can land you nearly chip-less – but not out. Great shortstacked play can make the difference between and losing and winning player in the long term. Although shortstackss at the table are between a rock and a hard place, the potential exists for a big comeback.

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Since you are shortstackeded most players at the table think you are shoving any two cards and “giving up”. Maintain a tight card range by still only playing premium holdings (AK,AA,KK, QQ, JJ,1010). You are obviously shoving all in if you get dealt any of these holdings with less than 15 big blinds. If you hold out for these premium holdings and are unsuccessful by the time you get to 9-10 big blinds, you need to start looking for “live cards” to shove. At 8 big blinds you are looking to shove anything live. Live cards are cards which are usually unlikely to be dominated by a better hand. For example, it is generally better to shove78 suited than ace 5 off suit.

Why is this the case?

  • Your opponent is likely to call your all in with an ace with a better kicker than 5 high.
  • Your opponent is likely to call you with any pocket pair 66 or higher.
  • Suited connectors have much better odds all in against Ace10-AceKing
  • 78 suited (42%) against AK (58%) fairs much better than aceX(24%) against AK (72%)

The concept of live cards is hard for some people to understand. Countless times inexperienced players shove hands like Ace2-Ace6 out of position as a shortstack and are routinely dominated by Ace10-AceKing. Shoving suited connectors and other types of live cards gives you a much better chance of doubling up as a shortstack over the long term. Ace “rag” is an overplayed and losing hand the vast majority of the time. With this type of hand you are usually only getting called by a dominating hand such as a pair or a better kicker.