Teaching Kids Spell Bingo

Spelling is a vital, life-long skill, and getting a good grasp on it at an early age is so important as it lays the groundwork for reading and writing. However, children just don’t have the capacity to sit still over a long period of time learning words; you need to make things interesting and engaging for them. A game like bingo is great for doing just that, making spelling and learning fun. This is how you go about creating the perfect bingo spelling game.

Crispin believes the best way to learn is through learning activities and thinks that learning to spell with bingo is a great way to learn. Outside of work Crispin enjoys playing bingo online sourced by the specialists at Best Bingo Websites such as poker ace.

Making your Bingo Grid

Begin by making your bingo grid. You will need

  • Pencils and erasers.
  • Markers
  • Paper
  • Ruler
  • White Board (optional)

Take a piece of paper, large enough to draw a grid of 4×5 boxes, making 20 altogether. These boxes will fit your chosen spelling words. Draw the grid out in pencil before going over it in marker, just in case you need to adjust the size of your boxes. If this is your first bingo game, choose spelling words that will be easy enough for the children to understand, then you can adapt and create a new bingo grid as they advance. Make sure that your 20 words are each in a different box per grid so no two bingo grids will be the same. If it appeals to you, try getting a small whiteboard that you can use and reuse as many times as you want!

Learn the Game, and then Play the Game!

Get a small group of kids together for the game and hand out your bingo grids. Have your list of spelling words in front of you and start the game! The twist is to call out clues to the words rather than the words themselves. For instance, if one of the spelling words is “Christmas”, the clue could be “A Winter holiday.” Or is the spelling word is “England”, the hint could be “The country where Buckingham Palace is.” Each bingo player will have a marker, such as a counter or jelly bean! They place these on the words they think belong to the clue, the first person to fill a row whether horizontally, vertically, or diagonally wins! However, they can only win if all their marked words are correct.

The Reason Why Bingo is Such a Great Game

Bingo is a fun and engaging way to help children with their spelling, as well as their mental ability to connect vocabulary words with their meaning. Once they begin to understand the game you can begin to advance to more complex grammatically based words like homonyms and contractions. You can also revolve your games around different topics, one game could be based around different countries, another could revolve around different foods; really anything could work! The important thing is to make learning a fun and enjoyable experience for the kids and getting them started in reading, writing and thinking techniques that they will use for the rest of their lives.