The Borgata in Atlantic City

I am a frequent visitor to Atlantic City. I have been to every casino, used to work for a casino (not The Borgata) and I have stayed overnight in most of the casinos. My favorite casino is The Borgata, I have been recommending them to everybody I know since I first stepped foot in the casino almost 5 years ago.

The Borgata has a lot more table games then the other casinos and they opened up a separate poker room with many poker tournaments. They are the one casino that always has enough open roulette tables to step onto. In a couple other casinos I have missed out on winning because they only had two or three roulette tables open with no room to step onto the table. There are plenty of slot machines, my favorite machines are sometimes hard to find open but you can always find a machine to play that interests you. Their gaming is by far in my opinion better then the other casinos in Atlantic City.

Set the gaming aside there are many other things that makes The Borgata stand out. The restaurants are excellent, except for The Metropolitan. They used to be great but the last two times I ate their they were no good. They are reasonably priced but one of the last two times the food was not good and the other time the service was not good. Bread and Butter is the place to go if you would like a danish, breakfast sandwich, a quick dessert or a sandwich for lunch. If you go to the Bread and Butter I highly recommend their fruit tarts for dessert. It is tradition that every trip I get a fruit tart to bring home before I leave. Then we have the Borgata Buffet, this is highly recommended for dinner or lunch. It was around $36 a person last time I ate there but well worth it. There is no way you can leave hungry. In the Borgata Buffet they have everything from steak to chicken to seafood. It is a nice size buffet with a big selection. The Borgata also has a food court downstairs which has Panda Express, a pizza place and a burger place to name a few. I do not remember all the “fast food” places downstairs as I am not often down there. Panda Express is very good food for fast and simple and I have had the pizza which is good too. Now if you want fine dining there is plenty there as well. Bobby Flay Steak is there and has excellent food! Proper attire is required in the fine dining. Old Homestead Steakhouse was very good however it has been a few years since I ate in there. Wolfgang Puck American Grille is an excellent choice as well. They have a couple of other restaurants for fine dining but I have not tried them. If fine dining is what you are looking for during your visit I would recommend either Wolfgang Puck or Bobby Flay, they are my favorites. With Bobby Flay or Wolfgang Puck expect to pay at minimum $70 a person, but they are well worth it.

Staying overnight at The Borgata is nicer then the other casinos. They are a newer casino and their rooms are very nice. I have stayed in everything room from a classic room to a suite. All rooms that I have seen have a shower for two with a glass door and a nice wood bench in the shower. The suites have bathrobes in the bathrooms and are very nice rooms. All rooms have coffee pots, TV’s, a table and room service 24 hours a day. Every floor has a room to get ice, soda or a snack. I have never had to pay for a room at The Borgata as I frequent there enough I receive rooms comped for free but according to their website their rooms start at $119 a night. Pictures of their rooms can be seen on the company website as well. And when you wake up in the morning you can go down to Starbucks, located in the casino, and get your coffee.

The Borgata has a lot to do. They have nightclubs, comedy shows, a nice spa, swimming pool and concerts. They are also the one casino that no matter what level your player status is, if you ask for a beer it comes in a bottle not a plastic cup. All of their drinks, besides coffee, come in a glass not plastic cup. If you are planning a trip to Atlantic City, I would highly recommend visiting The Borgata.

This is nothing as what many people would consider the icing on the cake in The Borgata is that apart from being plush and lavish, it has some of the most unique gambling machines that not many people have heard of and it is no less than a bandar bola terbesar for gambling lovers who frequent the casino in their free time.

This is based on my experience as a frequent visitor to Atlantic City. I have no affiliation to The Borgata, they are just my favorite casino for all the mentioned reasons. They have more restaurants but I only mentioned the ones I ate at. I have never made it in to see a comedy show, though I get free tickets with my room, as I always lose track of time when I am on the tables or slot machines. The only club I was in was The Mixx which was a nice night club, that too I receive for free so I do not know the price of any of their entertainment.