Tips For Safer Gambling And Self-Exclusion

Gambling and Casinos have been a form of entertainment since decades. Many people from across the world play poker games. Poker games are loved and are very popular among different types of age groups. Gambling is a very risky field and hence should be played when you are in the right state of mind to make responsible decisions and moves when you are dealing with a lot of money. There are many questions related to the gambling world but one of the famous questions that pop everywhere is that is gambling no longer fun? Well, the answer to this question is quite wacky to answer. 

The world of gambling and the game of cards was first introduced as one of the purest forms of entertainment and gambling is still fun if you know your game and your luck stands by your side. However, some people get deep into gambling and they start to spend more than they can afford and sometimes this crave for gambling turns into an addiction which gets people into serious trouble. Here are some tips for safer gambling

Tips for safer gambling –

  • Gamble or play of cards for fun and entertainment don’t think of gambling as a source of making money. That’s what gets you deep in gambling which later turns into an addiction which is hard to escape from. 
  • Set a limit for the money you spend daily. Plan the budget that you want to spend before the game starts
  • Know your game before getting into it, understand the rules, plan out your strategies and try to understand how your opponents next move.
  • Gamble with the money that you can afford to lose don’t go beyond the limit of your pockets just to win one match. 
  • Don’t go chasing behind your losses, what’s done is done. You can’t change the past so focus on other things that are happening in the present. Chasing your losses in the past can land you in spending more and more money in the present. Chasing your fast can ruin your future.
  • Don’t gamble when you are depressed or upset. Don’t ever get into gambling to escape your real-life problems. Gambling in the wrong way can land you up in much bigger problems instead.
  • Take break time to time, playing card games or gambling continuously can make you lose track of time and can also strain your eyes. 
  • Don’t consume alcohol or do any type of drugs before gambling. It is always suggested to gamble with the right state of mind. Alcohol can block your mind from making responsible decisions.   

Tips for Self-exclusion from the world of gambling – 

When you think you are getting deep into gambling and it’s turning into an addiction there are different ways to exclude yourself from gambling websites for a time period. One of the popular self-exclusion options from gambling sites is GamStop. GamStop is a free service for the residents of the UK to block themselves from various gambling websites for a certain period of time wherein they get a chance to overcome their gambling addiction. GamStop is operated by the national online self-exclusion scheme limited. 

The gambling commission of the UK asks every UK based gambling website to get registered and licensed from the GamStop. However, international gambling websites escape from these regulations of the UK gambling commission. Some slots not blocked by gamstop and pokers as well these are international websites which are immuned against GamStop. These websites or slots are regular gambling websites which are not licensed under the UK gambling commission but are licensed by other gambling commission outside the UK.