Top Action Casinos in Louisiana

Top Action Casinos in Louisiana are sprinkled across the state and offer residents and visitor to the state lots of recreational gaming 7 days a week and often 24 hours a day. From high rollers to penny poppers, visiting one of the top action casinos in Louisiana can have at least two purposes. First of all if you like gambling at any level you will enjoy the chance to try a new and exciting casino. At the same time you know when you gamble that you are indirectly contributing to the economy of Louisiana, a state still rebuilding after the disaster of Hurricane Katrina.

Harrah’s New Orleans Casino. When you see the word “Harrah’s” linked with the word “Casino” you can pretty much see you have a no brainer going. The Harrah name has become synonymous with high quality casino play and in so you should expect that at Harrah’s New Orleans Casino you will find one of the top action casinos in Louisiana.

Harrah’s has both quantity and quality offer its patrons. Not many casinos can challenge Harrah’s array of 2,000 hot slot machines or 100 table games all in one casino area. If you are a slot player you will be pleased to see the diversity of denominations in which you can bet. Some folks are especially drawn to Penny Gras as a place to spend some fun gaming time without losing the ranch.

Harrah’s keeps its 24/7 crowd happy at Harrah’s Buffet which keeps going as long as you do. Once you’ve had a taste of the fare offered here you will understand why it has been voted the top Buffet offering in the City of New Orleans, and that’s going some. You can find Harrah’s on Canal Street adjacent to the French Quarter and not far from the business district. Visiting any casino means taking a chance but when you visit Harrah’s there’s no doubt you are visiting a quality facility. For more information about Harrah’s New Orleans Casino call at 1-800-427-7247 or view the website at

Hollywood Casino, Baton Rouge. On a slightly smaller scale is the Hollywood Casino in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. One of the claims to fame for the Hollywood Casino is its excellent number and variety of slot offerings. There are more than a thousand slot machines and no matter where you hail from you can’t help but feel like you are bumping in to some old friends. You’ ll see Double Diamond, Sizzling Sevens and everyone’s pal, Mr. Cashman. Those who like progressive action will quickly see why Hollywood Casino, Baton Rouge is one of the top progressive venues around. If you’ve got a bundle to drop, or rather wager, you’ll find plenty of action in the High Stakes slots area of the casino where bettors are free to bet from $1 to $25 per hit.

Don’t worry, if video poker is more your style Hollywood Casino in Baton Rouge has all kinds of multiple play poker machines that will satisfy your gaming tastes. They do have amazing online poker games that you will certainly love. If you are familiar with 99Poker, then you will definitely enjoy and have fun playing the video poker of this casino. The goal at Hollywood Casino seems to be to provide a top action casino in Louisiana that suits many different gaming interests. That goal wouldn’t be quite complete without the presence of table action here too. Hollywood Casino has the old standbys like Blackjack, Craps and Roulette but you will also find newer games like the popular “Texas Hold ‘Em. There are very few gamblers big or small who can’t find something that ignites their gambling instincts at the Hollywood Casino in Baton Rouge., Louisiana . For more information you can view the casino’s website at

Cypress Bayou Casino, Charenton, LA . Operated by the Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana, the Cypress Bayou Casino has a name, that alone would draw you to this top action casino in Louisiana. “Cypress” and “Bayou” both give out of staters the feeling that they are somehow travelers meandering through a very unique and lovely cultural area, quite different from “back home” where ever that might be.

Certainly the Cypress Bayou Casino is not in Las Vegas or Jersey and while the ambiance may strike you as charmingly different the gaming aspects are more likely to hit you as delightfully the same. Machine play is offered starting at a penny investment and climbing according to the stretch of your wallet to $25 slots with lots of stops in between. Slots players will be glad to know in advance that there is a smoke free slot area available at Cypress Bayou Casino. Progressive action can be found on games like Double Diamond, Sizzling 7’s and Wild Cherry.

Slots aren’t your style? Try the table games. Besides Black Jack , Craps and Roulette you’ll also find 3 or 4 card poker and Let It Ride. Don’t worry there is a poker room with several choices like “Texas Hold ‘Em ” or “Omaha Poker”

When you need a break the dining service at Cypress Bayou will tempt your pallet at spots like Cafe Bayou and Eddy’s Grill. Or if you want to be entertained without betting on the results you can stop by one of the on site clubs that offer varied combinations of music, drinks, food and entertainment especially popular on the weekends. For more details connect with

Louisiana has experienced hard times but life has returned to the state and with the general rebirth of the area comes some sweet opportunities for you to enjoy some of the top action casinos in Louisiana.