What is Matched Betting?

When I hear about matched betting, the first thing I think is ‘right then; if it’s so wonderful, why isn’t everybody doing it?’ The first thing I discovered is that 98% of people who bet, lose. Consistently. This is because they have no strategy, they just play ‘a hunch’ and hope it pans out.

I wanted to be part of that 2% figure, so I went on a hunt for a good, solid betting guide from a reputable source. I didn’t have a lot of money to play with, so I did all my research and then picked my perception of the best, rather than buying 2-3 and trying them all. Goals4profit had a complete 30-day support system, the best price and a money-back guarantee that if you used the system for 30 days and didn’t come out ahead, you would be cheerfully refunded.

Since I’m in the States, I can’t gamble online. My best friend lives in England, and she can so she did! Pretty amazing results. Obviously I can’t address the specifics, because a man’s livelihood is at stake, but I do endorse his product.

Having said that, I went ahead and researched the other side of the coin. For all of you out there who may be new to the web, you can research any program, product or service by typing the name into Google, followed by either “Scam” or “Review”. Do both, to get an accurate, full picture. Amazon is great for product reviews, because everybody who buys has a chance to give feedback. Believe me, they can’t wait to sing like a canary if they feel like they were misled.

Right: back to matched betting. There are some keywords you should use at Google to discover the intricacies of matched betting. A few I would recommend are ‘free bet’ ‘qualifying bet’ and ‘matched betting’, any of which can be followed up by the word ‘forum’. By doing so you will then find an entire community, most of whose members are quite knowledgeable on the subject. The terms and conditions of the online website should match with the betting requirements of the players. The selection of the table should be done after checking rankings and reviews at https://sarahpalinchannel.com site. The number of bonuses will depend on the correctness of prediction of the sports betting at the table. 

As always, research is your friend. Don’t go into it blind, on a hunch, and lose all your money. You won’t have a clue how it happened, and it’s nearly impossible to improve when you don’t actually know what you did wrong to begin with. When you’re ready to get a guide, follow the criteria I outlined above (for Goals4Profit). Don’t buy anything that doesn’t have a support system and admin content clearly posted and easily located.

Good luck!